Perfect Poinsettias with Peters

27 May 2021
  • Whastsapp

Perfect Poinsettias with Peters

In pursuit of operational excellence, Newey Roundstone adopted a precision nutrition package with Peters for its Poinsettia crop - carefully tailored to complement the water supply. 

Crop:  300,000 Poinsettias - 1 litre, 10.5cm and 6cm pots (Poinsettia minis).

Production challenges:  tight supermarket specifications, exacting humidity requirements and zero whitefly tolerance - due to Bemisia threat.  With previous nutrition programme - issues with yellowing leaves.

AngelaWeb: Water samples taken and employing AngelaWeb precision nutrition software programme showed N and Ca levels in original feeding programme were insufficient to fulfill crop needs.

Product recommendation: Peters Excel CalMag Grower (15-5-15+CaO+3MgO+TE).

Grower comments:

  • High purity means it can be run at higher EC.
  • Pure formulation so completely soluble - not paying for nutrient that don’t dissolve.
  • Unique M-77 chelating formula generates quick plant response - while Ca helps keep plants healthy.
  • Crop management easier.
  • Improvements in quality and crop colour throughout production.
  • Keeps irrigation pipes clear - no sludge build-up at bottom of feed tanks.
  • Packing more efficient - yellow leaves almost eliminated.


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