SpOtless Nursery helps optimise nematodes

26 November 2019
  • Whastsapp

A new highly formulated cleaning agent for spray tanks  ‘SpOtless Nursery’ is ICL’s latest innovation for the UK and Eire aimed at optimising the performance of beneficial nematodes, such as Vine Weevil Seeka.

“Especially effective at cleaning sticky formulations, SpOtless is ideal for cleaning out spray tanks pre nematode application − helping increase efficacy and decrease any cross contamination issues,” explains ICL’s sales development manager, Martin Donnelly. 

“Helping maintain the effectiveness of spray equipment, SpOtless is the simple way to decontaminate sprayers after use, removing any potentially harmful traces of pesticide or herbicide.  Living organisms, biological controls including beneficial nematodes need to be handled with care to optimise their performance.  

“Compared to chemical crop protection products, beneficial nematodes require a different mindset. Our new, programmed IPM approach to vine weevil control includes best practice advice aimed at optimising beneficial nematode efficacy.  As such, it is vital application conditions are suitable and the nematodes are applied correctly. For instance, the larvae must be present and the soil temperature must be above a certain temperature (depending on the nematode species). In addition, when applying care should be taken to ensure the spray tank is clean, any fine filters have been removed and the correct nozzle used.”     

ICL’s new one-stop-shop for vine weevil control in the UK and Eire offers a 52 week programmed approach covering the whole growing season, with growers benefitting directly from the support of its experienced team.

Earlier this year, to maximise the effectiveness of the Seeka range ICL launched Transporter – a superior blend of surfactants that optimises water, and hence nematode, distribution in the growing media.   SpOtless is the latest innovation to enable growers to get the most from their beneficial nematodes.

SpOtless Nursery is available in 1litre packs and can be used with all spray applicators.


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