Agrocote Max increased with 9% the number of tubers and the total yield in potato

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Fresh potato trial using Agrocote Max

Key conclusions

  • One application of Nitrogen provided by Agrocote Max gave better results than 3 applications of traditional Nitrogen based fertilizers.
  • With Agrocote Max, an extra income of 450 €/ha was achieved vs grower practice.
  • By using Agrocote Max, the nitrogen losses reduced significantly, the number of tubers and the total yield increased up to 9%.

General information

Objective of the trial: To evaluate the effect of using Agrocote Max in comparison with conventional fertilizers, as grower practice

Trial station: The Netherlands

Crop: Fresh Potato, variety Fontane

Soil type: Sandy soil

Assessments: Total yield & no. of tubers
                        Total yield distribution by size

Agrocote Max 44-0-0 is a 100% coated urea using E-Max Release Technology. This polymer coating improves the  nutrient efficiency. The release of nutrients is based upon temperature, offering predictable longevities, even under extreme conditions.
Influenced by the temperature, the semi-permeable coating regulates the daily release of nutrients. At higher temperatures, the release of nutrients will be faster. At lower temperatures, it will be slower, in line with the nutritional needs of the plant.
ICL Specialty Fertilizers is keen to make a contribution to sustainable farming by enabling precision nutrition on a wide range of crops.