Agromaster Start Mini increases total yield with 40% in winter wheat

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Winter wheat trial with Agromaster

Key conclusions

  • Agromaster Start Mini 21-21-5+2MgO+15SO3 is a highly efficient mini coated granulated fertilizer for winter wheat.
  • Applied at sowing time, in furrows, close to the seeds, it shows that by using less nutrients you can obtain better yields, reducing labor cost, soil compaction and improving fam logistics
  • Agromaster Start Mini can increase total yield up to 40% with a high protein level (13.4%), for similar level of Nitrogen applied per hectare.


General information

Trial objective:
Prove the efficiency of only one single furrow application of Agromaster Start Mini vs conventional fertilizer broadcasted in multiple applications.

 When:  Sowing -  29th of October, 2015

             Harvest – 20th of July, 2016

Trial station:  Romania

 Crop: Winter Wheat, Glosa variety

 Assessments: Total yield and the final level of protein

Agromaster Start Mini 21-21-5+2MgO+ 15SO3 is the latest generation of starter fertilizers combining standard micro-granule fertilizer's effect with the coated Nitrogen, in order to provide immediately available nutrients and long-lasting effect in plant’s nutrition.

 It ensures the immediate release of nutrients for plant’s needs in the first stages of vegetation, without affecting the germination or the emergence of the young plants, because of the high level of salts, and it will continuously feed the plants due to coated Nitrogen.