Trial results show more compact plants with Osmocote Bloom

  • Whastsapp

Key conclusions

  • Better branching resulting in higher fresh weight (up to 28% more)
  • Better color; water soluble treatments showed light leaf color.
  • More compact growth
  • Lower EC levels

Goal of the trial

To compare Osmocote Bloom with water soluble treatments and show differences on compactness, growth, branching and color.

General trial information
Crops: Begonia, Tagetes, Lobelia, Petunia
Location: Bedding plant nursery van der Plas, Maasdijk (NL)
Treatments: water soluble fertilizers and Osmocote Bloom


Left: water soluble fertilizers. Right: Osmocote BloomLeft: water soluble fertilizers. Right: Osmocote Bloom