Bouteloua dactyloides Cody

Bouteloua dactyloides

  • Advantages
  • Directions for Use
  • Seed Varieties
  • Excellent Turf Density
  • High Drought Tolerance
  • Strong Seedling Vigor
  • Fast Establishment from Seed
  • Good Southern Adaptation
  • Wide Range of Soil Adaptation
  • Mixes Well with Other Low Maintenance Grasses
  • Economical for Large Areas
Directions for Use

Turf management

  1. Requirements
  • Grows best in areas receiving at least 6 to 8 hours direct sunlight per day.
  • Good soil drainage is essential.
  • Not suited to sandy soils.
  1. Establishment
  • Seeding date: When sustained soil temperature reaches 60° F and is rising.
  • Seeding rate: 80-120 kgs. seed/hectare. into a firm seed bed.
  • Seeding depth: 6 to 12mm deep
  • Seep seed moist through emergence.
  • Apply 30kg N/hectare as pre-seed fertiliser.
  • Weed Control: Plant into a weed free seed bed. Keep turf mowed frequently to reduce competition from weeds and encourage the tiller growth and spreading of the buffalo grass.
  1. Mowing
  • 50 to 100 mm for home lawns.
  • Low maintenance areas may be mowed taller or not at all.
  • Frequency is affected by amount of watering and fertilizer.
  • Avoid removing more than one-third the turf height at any one mowing.
  1. Watering
  • Deep soak with no less than 25mm once a month from July to September for higher maintenance areas, depending on natural precipitation.
  • Soak soil before winter if soil is dry.
  • Occasional or no watering for low maintenance areas.
  1. Fertilising
  • First application – 3 weeks after green up
  • Second application – 8 weeks later
  • 40 to 60kgs. actual Nitrogen/hectare./season
  • Less on low maintenance and natural areas.
  • Use higher rates for best quality.
  1. Weed Control
  • Avoid frequent watering, short mowing and over fertilization.
  • Minimize early season watering.
  • Control broadleaf weeds in the fall and/or spring.
  • Apply Pre-emergent in the spring for grassy weeds.
  • Many cool season weeds can be controlled with Round-Up when buffalo grass is dormant.
Seed Varieties
  • 100% Bouteloua dactyloides

Cody Buffalograss is rapidly becoming the standard by which buffalograss is measured, having established itself as a premier warm season turfgrass. Faster establishment, higher density, lower growth rate, excellent winter hardiness, low water requirement, darker color, fine texture and a wide area of adaptation give Cody the edge as the choice for low maintenance areas.

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