Pack Size

3 litres S-pac bottle

Packs per outer

4x3 litres

Pack coverage

1.2 hectare

Fungicide Heritage Maxx

Fungicide Heritage Maxx

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Quick and efficient uptake by leaf and root to move the active ingredient to the point of infection.
  • Seven turf and soild diseases on the label
  • Active recyling prolongs the period of activity

Heritage Maxx is a high performance systemic strobilurin fungicide, approved for the control of: Microdochium Patch, Take-All Patch, Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Leaf Spot / Melting Out, Rust diseases & Type 2 Fairy Rings.


The Maxx formulation provides fast uptake and rapid movement through the plant to get the active ingredient to the site of infection and quickly to work. The unique root update of Heritage Maxx tackles soil and root disease at the source and ensures maximum uptake by the plant to enhance and prolong disease control.

Directions for Use

1. To optimise best results use as preventative or during early stages of disease establishment or when a predictive asessment indicates a risk of disease development, go to

2. Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions

3. Heritage Maxx is tank-mixable with other products within the ICL range. advice should always be sought via your ICL Technical Representative before nay tank mix is applied.

4. Mix with TurfMark Extra spray pattern indicator to aid spraying, to condition water and minimise spray drift.

5. For use on managed amenity turf, including fine turf and amenity grassland.

6. for use only as a horticultural fungicide.

Long lasting protection systemic fungicide with root uptake.

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