Pack Size

3 litre S-pac bottle

Packs per outer

4x3 litres

Pack coverage

1 hectare

Fungicides BannerMaxx

Fungicides BannerMaxx

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Fast uptake and movement to protect turf as it grows
  • Protective, curative and eradicant activity
  • Works well at lower temperatures (above 6 degrees soil temperature)

Banner Maxx contains propiconazole and is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide. It is formulated to be rapidly absorbed and transported through the plant even at cool tempeartures. The translocation provides good distribution fo the active ingredient especially within new growth. Banner Maxx has protective, curative and eradicant acitivty, and it utilises the unique Syngenta formulation technology to be gentle and safe to turf. The mode of action and rapid uptake even in cool conditions make Banner Maxx the ideal choice for protection going into and coming out of winter.

Directions for Use

1. For best results use as a preventative or during early stages of disease establishment or when a predictive assessment indicated a risk of disease development, go to

2. Approved for application using a knapsack sprayer.

3. Avoid applications during frosty or drought condition.

4. Banner Maxx is tank-mixable with other products within the ICL range. Advice should always be sought via your ICL Technical Representative before any tank mix is applied.

5. Maximum 4 treatments per year.

6. Minimum 14 day interval between treatment.

7. Mix with TurfMark Extra spray pattern indicator to aid spraying, to condition water and minimise spray drift.

8. For use on managed amenity turf and amenity grassland.

9. For use only as a horticultural fungicide.

Fast acting cool weather systemic fungicide that protects turf as it grows.

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