Avg Sowing Rate

20 g/m²

Mowing Height

25 - 35 mm

Poa pratensis Moonlight SLT

Moonlight SLT

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Great for fairways, tees, roughs, sports fields, "rec" areas
  • Delivers a balanced, dense turf
  • Leaves have medium texture, dark green color
  • Performs well in wet and dry cooler climates
  • Good tolerance to shade and salt
  • Outstanding resistance to various diseases (see pdf)

Moonlight SLT provides a uniform and dense turf. Its leaves are medium in texture with a lush, dark green color.

It proves to have excellent performance in cooler conditions; both humid and dry. It also performs well in soils with low to high rates of Nitrogen.

Moonlight SLT displays great tolerance to moderate salinity, and a great drought tolerance compared to other bluegrasses. Additionally, it shows fantastic resistance to numerous diseases.

Directions for Use

Establishment and maintenance
For best turf results, seed in early fall or spring at 10 – 15gr/m2. Make sure to keep seedbed moist throughout germination and establishment.

Germination will begin within 14 – 21 days during optimal temperatures (15° - 26°C). Full coverage will take approximately 8 – 10 weeks. Before cutting for the first time, make sure the turf has reached at least 5cm.

Established maintenance
Best results occur when fertilized at an annual rate of 15 – 20gr/m2 of Nitrogen. Irregular irrigation patterns are recommended. In absence of rain, make sure to irrigate lightly and frequently. ICL recommends a cutting height of 3 – 8cm.

Moonlight SLT is a Kentucky bluegrass and ideal for: fairways, tees, roughs, sports fields and recreational turf. It is part of ICL’ Salt and Shade Icon programs.

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