• oxide
  • elemental
Nitrogen Total (N) 0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 0%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 61%
Water soluble (K20) 61.0%
Nitrogen Total (N) 0%
Phosphorus (P) 0%
Potassium (K) 50.6%
Water soluble 50.6%

Nova Ferti-K Nova Ferti-K


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Agronomical advantages and usage
  • Due to its mobility within the plant, Potassium regulates water management reducing the incidence of stress factors
  • Potassium is involved in transporting of sugars and directly involved in yield increase.
  • Chloride plays a key role in controlling general osmotic pressure within the plant cells
  • Freely soluble and quickly dissolving.

Nova Ferti-K is a Nitrogen-free Potassium carrier, which is an important trait for the bulking up of many vegetables and fruits. It improves fruit color, sweetness and oil content. Along with Potassium, Chloride plays an important role in controlling general osmotic pressure within plant cells, directly involved in regulation of leaf stomata to open or close. 

Directions for use

Nova Ferti-K can be used in all fertigation systems. With its high level of Potassium, the product can be used in all growing stages, but especially after fruit set till harvest. The product is Nitrogen free which makes the product suitable for fruits ripening.

Nova Ferti-K is recommended for all chloride tolerant crops. Moreover, it can be used also for partly sensitives ones, combining two sources of Potassium (e.g. Nova Ferti-K with Nova SOP or Nova N-K), in order to fulfill the plant’s need while reducing the costs of fertilizers.

Agronomical advantages and usage

When is Nova Ferti-K the preferred Potassium source?
1. When the crops are field fertigated
2. When the irrigation water has an EC less than 0,6 mS/cm
3. When the fruit taste needs to be improved and the crop tolerates / needs chloride
4. When the EC needs to be increased / salinity (e.g. to force generative growth)
5. When the costs of fertilization needs to be decreased
6. When the use of nitrate needs to be reduced (e.g. in NO3 vulnerable zones)

When is the use of Nova Ferti-K not advised
1. In situations where the use of chlorides is restricted/prohibited
2. When you grow chloride sensitive crops under risky conditions
3. When the circumstances ask for a fertilization program with a lower EC, when the crop is salt sensitive or when the EC of the irrigation water is high.

Chloride loving crops: sugar (fodder) beet, celery, coconut.
Chloride tolerant: cereals, maize(corn), oil seed rape, asparagus, cabbage, beetroot,
oil palm, rice, banana, cotton. 
Partly chloride tolerant: sunflower, grape wines, stone fruits, currants, potato, tomato,
carrots, leek, kiwi, coffee, pineapple.
Chloride sensitive crops: starch potato, strawberry, pepper, beans, onion, lettuce, transplants.

Nova Ferti-K 0-0-61 is the ideal product for Chloride tolerant crops. It is the richest Potassium fertilizer though the least expensive one.