The Future of Vine Weevil Control FAQ's

18 June 2020
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Following the Future of Vine Weevil Control webinar series, Martin Donnelly, Sales Development Manager and Andrew Wilson, Technical Manager have taken some time to answer your questions.

Q: Is Pitcher contact or is there any vapour activity?  

A: Pitcher is contact only

Q: Is Pitcher harmful to Nematodes?

A: Not if it is applied 6 weeks before or after nematode application

Q: Is Pitcher just as effective in a peat free growing media. 

A: Yes, it is 

Q: We have joined the NBG Wales growing the future Bee project. Can Pitcher have any effect on Bees.

A:  Pitcher will have no effect on Bees.

Q: I know there is a product called Garshield I think its marketed by Solufeed. Is pitcher similar and going to be more effective.

A: Pitcher is a registered product and will be very effective with proven efficacy levels.

Q: On the recovery slide (last one) the numbers on the y axis were 1-5 assume this is from the 15 eggs that were placed?

A: Yes, that was the number of viable eggs recovered from 15.

Q: You seemed to imply better control from 1X 240g application than 2X 120g 

A: That is correct"

Q: Where to buy Seeka and the distribution agent (wetter).

A: All main Distributors on the ICL website here>>>

Q: Do you automatically submit points to Basis or do you forward us a reference per webinar and how many points please per webinar?

A: Yes, Basis points will be applied for by ICL if you have given us your details

Q: Are there any handouts with this information available which could be sent by out to use as a reference?

A: Yes, there will be an information sheet with the susceptible crops available soon

Q: Do these products require data sheets, and can they be downloaded? 

A: SDS sheets can be found on the top bottom of our web page click here for Pitcher>>>      Click here for Seeka>>>

Q: Where can we purchase vine weevil traps?

A: Vine weevil traps are available from most main Distributors. For our Distributor network click here>>>


You can view the webinars and presentations here>>>

If you have any further questions, please contact your Technical Area Sales Manager.