75litre Levington Advance products now available

20 September 2022
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“I’m delighted to announce we’ve extended our offering here in Ireland to include four of ICL’s popular and proven Levington Advance 75litre bagged products,” says Brendan Howell, ICL sales development manager across Ireland.  “Following continuous R&D and investment this range, which was originally developed over 50 years ago, remains synonymous with quality and consistency.”  

  • Levington Advance M2 – Pot and Bedding (peat-reduced) 
  • Levington Advance M3 – Pot and Bedding (peat-reduced) 
  • Levington Advance PPG – Pot Plant General (peat-reduced)  
  • Levington Advance Seed and Modular F2  


“Levington Advance M2 is a peat-reduced growing media containing medium levels of nutrition suitable for producing a wide range of the highest quality pot and bedding plants,” explains Brendan. “With an ideal pH level and containing starter fertilizer, M2 ensures a good quality nutrient supply for up to four weeks.   

For more vigorous pot and bedding plants, we have our Levington Advance M3, which contains higher levels of nutrients. 

“Designed to be used in pots, baskets and tubs, Levington Advance PPG is suitable for a wide range of pot plant crops.  The peat component is a blend of 1-10mm and 6-12mm particles which provide a good open structure.  While PPG contains starter fertilizer, plant growth can be controlled to suit a particular plant specification by adding Osmocote Exact or by liquid feeding.  

“Containing ICL’s Fibagro Advance woodfibre, M2, M3 and PPG are all peat reduced. Although water holding is good, they contain our revolutionary H2Gro wetting agent to optimise rooting.”  

The fourth product to be made available is Levington Advance Seed and Modular F2.  “A 100% peat-based product, F2 is suitable for seed sowing and direct rooting of soft cuttings, like Chrysanthemums and Fuchsia, in modules, trays and small pots up to 7cm,” explains Brendan. “With an ideal pH for plant growth, F2 contains starter fertilizer to get seedlings and cuttings off to the best start.  

“Our new mixing site and facility at Cúil na Móna, in Portlaoise, is fully operational supplying growers and plant propagators across the country with Levington Advance sustainable growing media in bulk bags and probales or in bulk 35m3 and 100m3 loads.  

“We are planning to extend the range of Levington Advance 75l bagged products on offer here in Ireland and I will keep you posted.” 


Levington Advance 75l bagged products are available by the pallet - 45 bags per pallet. The minimum order is for five pallets.  Alternatively, individual or multiple pallets can be added to an existing bulk bag and probale growing media order.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Brendan:  [email protected] 

Tel: 083 0987436. 


Click here to see the full Levington Advance 75litre range.