ICL launch Seeka nematodes and one-stop-shop for Vine Weevil control

21 April 2019
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The launch of ICL’s new Seeka range of beneficial nematodes is the catalyst behind the company’s new one-stop-shop for Black Vine Weevil control - offering a programmed IPM approach to controlling this potentially devastating pest.  

Supplementing ICL’s conventional chemical pesticides range, Vine Weevil Seeka contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophora beneficial nematodes (85%) and is recommended for use in soil or container-grown crops when soil temperatures are between 12°C - 30°C for at least two weeks after application.   

“Vine Weevil Seeka is part of our new programmed IPM approach to vine weevil control featuring advice on cultural controls, plus beneficial nematode and compatible chemical controls such as Exemptor,” explains ICL’s sales development manager Martin Donnelly. 

“Customers entering in to a contract with ICL will be provided with access to meaningful soil temperature data throughout the year.  Temperature is critical to success with beneficial nematode controls.  Through a network of temperature loggers on nurseries throughout the UK, our customers will have access to robust, real time temperature data.  Supported by our nationwide team of BASIS qualified technical area sales managers, growers will know when the time is right to switch from a low temperature nematode control to the more economical Vine Weevil Seeka.

“As things stand, there is a fair amount of confusion on nurseries on how to optimise beneficial nematode performance in regard to application, temperature requirements and even storage.  Our new one-stop-shop for vine weevil control will offer a 52 week programmed approach covering the whole growing season, with growers benefitting directly from the support of our experienced team.”

To maximise the effectiveness of the Seeka range, ICL has launched Transporter – a superior blend of surfactants that optimises water, and hence nematode, distribution in the growing media. 

“Rigorously tested, Transporter is guaranteed to be compatible with beneficial nematode species,” says Martin Donnelly.   “We shall be bolting on other IPM compatible vine weevil control products in the future.”

The new Seeka range also includes Fungus Gnat Seeka.  Containing Steinernema feltiae, it provides control of fungus gnats (Sciaridae spp) as well as Western Flower Thrips.


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