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16 June 2020
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14-0-7 slow release micro granular with Calcium and Magnesium

ICL has announced the launch of SierraformGT CalMag into the UK & Ireland market. New for 2020, SierraformGT CalMag is a homogenous slow release fertilizer supplying calcium, magnesium and trace elements for turf growth and all-round plant health.

The product is ideal for fine turf or stadia pitch application through the late spring, summer and early autumn. The nitrogen content is mostly slow release (MU) based to create a sustained release and steady even growth. The new analysis also contains the mineral polyhalite to supply potassium, calcium and magnesium when these are indicated as required from soil testing.  The added SMX (soluble seaweed concentrate) in the formulation aims to bring benefits from plant rooting and stress tolerance.

Ed Carter, UK Sales & Development Manager is delighted with this new addition to the SierraformGT range:

“I am delighted that we are launching this new analysis through our dealer network in 2020. The nutrient analysis will really suit both golf course and stadia managers and the addition of SMX is a real benefit. Our formulation team have worked hard to create a nitrogen release pattern that will maintain consistently healthy growth through the duration of its 8-week release period. In my opinion, this is an outstanding addition to our SierraformGT range.”

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